September 18th - 24th

Aries, it seems like you are facing a setback or impending loss that is causing you deep sorrow. It is natural for you to look back at your personal history during this time, so take a step back and explore your feelings. Try to find solace in meditation and trust in your spiritual insights. Your dreams may offer you refreshing and meaningful visions, so pay attention to them. Be cautious with your financial decisions and avoid risky purchases at the moment. Instead, prioritize your health and well-being. If you come across any inheritances or unexpected money, consider putting it towards a long-term investment or purchase. Although the setback may seem insurmountable, remember that you have support from those closest to you, as well as from old friends and family, especially the elders. Your mind is currently focused on private matters and unresolved issues from the past. Take this opportunity to engage in research and contemplation to find the answers you seek. Avoid wasting your energy on guilt and instead use it to examine the past in order to shape a better future. While you may feel limited right now, whether physically, emotionally, or financially, know that these feelings will pass and give way to greater joy, openness, and creativity in the future.

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