career - May 22nd - 28th

Aries, it's time for some long distance travel in your near future, but be careful of accidents along the way. Education should also be a priority, so consider enrolling in higher education or signing up for training to brush up on your skills. Before making any significant legal or professional decisions, consult with your partner and close colleagues. The possibility of career transformation is present if you are willing to take a chance, so continue working hard and sticking to your daily routine. Avoid getting caught up in office politics and gossip. Your considerate nature towards yourself and others will guide you this week. Trust yourself when making decisions and don't let overthinking get in the way. Offer your assistance at work to engage in productive cooperative efforts. Connect with loved ones and long-term contacts, and make communication a priority. If the opportunity arises, consider engaging in public relations or counseling. You are diplomatic and ready to lead a team towards victory. Keep up the good work, Aries!

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