career - March 20th - 26th

Relocation or a new setting is likely now. You may find yourself required in hospital or rehabs, attending to your own well being or a colleague or loved ones. Take time to be alone with your thoughts right now and engage in some needed introspection. You are craving a sense of reinvention so indulge in a new hair style or fashion update. Meditation or charitable works would help you find solace and meaning. Get in touch with your spiritual center as you make plans for some new initiative ahead.

If you need a favor or wish to communicate a desire make sure you speak up. Clear communication is essential now. Let others hear your point of view. Now is the moment to make some big financial decisions. Your heightened ability to connect with others will assist you in your decision making. A pleasant conversation at work may lead to a new arrangement. Network to your own advantage now. Writing, speaking, forging new relationships all come to you with ease. Small gestures can add up and may have a big impact on your future. Talk to people, find out where your work can have the greatest impact and dig in!

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