September 19th - 25th

Weighty decisions require your attention. Your input is needed at business meetings or litigation. A sale or purchase may be in the offing. It is time to tie up arrangements, perhaps even in a relationship. If not already committed, marriage is a possibility now. You may find yourself facing a monetary setback, perhaps as a result of a recent accident. Continue to work hard in your daily routine. Your efforts are being observed and appreciated. Tune out gossip, especially from and about those who oppose you. Work to establish peace where it matters most--at home with those you love.

It is time to put everything to the backburner and concentrate on introspection. There is a chance that some obstacles may de rail your plans for the week and your schedule may go haywire. This is opportunity to scrutinize your issues that have been bothering you and try to analyze them from a new perspective. Make sure that those deep hidden problems are not left unattended. Let your inner voice speak out and connect with you on the conscious level for you to comprehend it. Patience is a virtue that you have to necessarily practice this week.

For your self-interest, have a little tolerance for now, so that it will let you take baby steps even you want leap forward. This may gain some positive results in gaining a new outlook on old conclusions helping you to make better decisions. Positive attitude, hard work, endurance should be key points for you right now. Moreover, it will favorable to stay away from hasty investments or business decisions this week. “We all agree that pessimism is a mark of superior intellect.”

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