May 9th - 15th

A father figure or mentor may be going through some distress right now. Problems with co-workers may have you feeling like the focus of ill will. Counteract these feelings with time spent with loved ones. Share a meal with family. Be attentive to all those who depend on you. Find relief in art or fashion. Continue to work hard and you will be rewarded. Contracts and legal matters make demands of your time. A little sense of competition is not necessarily a bad thing. If you are planning to travel be ready for some delays.

Right now, contacts, contracts (including ties/partnerships) and communication/networking are all highlighted. You are highly active, both physically and mentally. You are likely to spend much part of this energy going back over thoughts to be sure they were expressed to others exactly the way you meant to express them. The good thing is that you've genuinely got rid of some rather rigid attitudes, even some wrong opinions, and relating to people is much easier, thanks to your greater poise and confidence.

There may be unexpected communication delays and difficulties might occur in your relationships with others especially siblings and colleagues. There can also be a tendency to fuss over insignificant matters now, however. This may be a busy time with neighbors, classmates, siblings, and community affairs. Whatever form it takes, the reaching out will be crucial.

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