career - Horoscope 2023

Overall, the year 2023 will be a year full of opportunities for Aquarius students, with many positive transitions of Mercury impacting their education and career progression. While there may be a few periods of stress and confusion, especially during Mercury's transits in the twelfth and third houses, the overall trend is towards success and growth. Students looking for jobs after finishing their education will benefit from the first transit in the eleventh house, while administrative service applicants will also find this period fruitful. The period from 23rd February 2023 to 16th March 2023 will be particularly beneficial, with a conjunction between Mercury and Saturn increasing concentration power and leading to success in exams. Additionally, from June to October 2023, students in a variety of fields - art, science, commerce, medicine, and administrative services - will have the chance to achieve great things and succeed in their pursuits, whether that's getting into college, landing a job, or going abroad for education. Despite some ups and downs, Aquarius students can look forward to a year of progress, growth, and success.

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