Horoscope 2022

Welcome to an amazing new year Aquarius! Are you ready for the events and experiences that the planets are bringing your way in 2022? All that you have experienced in the previous year has prepared you for where you are now, so take note of these predictions and you will have a satisfactory year.

The solar eclipse of April 30, 2022, falls in your solar 4th house. Here the solar eclipse places focus on the home (homeliness), the people who make up the home, and the comfort that all of that brings. When the Solar Eclipse occurs in this house in a solar chart, their emotional connection to their home is heightened and they often get the nudge to move and change location. Not just for moving sake, but for the betterment of their family, either to be closer to the parents or to settle their immediate family. Until they have made this adjustment, affected individuals will be unsettled. In worst cases, there may be an attack on your reputation, problems at the workplace and problem’s to one’s parents and bosses.

In 2022 you need to savor the small things in your life because those may make large impacts on your life. Celebrations and shared moments with loved ones add to your quality of life and your feeling of belonging. Be open to new ideas and even beliefs. Listen to someone else share their religious views without judgment. You could find an idea that informs your future course of life.

You may need to shift some plans around for a family member or neighbor who needs your help. Offer as much support as you can. A sensible purchase for someone close to you is within your budget, maybe a piece of jewelry or some other little splurge. Also, make time to connect with a mentor or father figure. Share your personal aspirations with them and they may help you determine what future chances are worth taking. Seize exciting opportunities as they arise, You are up to the challenge!

2022 will force you to get serious about self-assessment. Make real decisions about your career and relationships. You will need to embrace balance even as you explore, remember your responsibilities to your loved ones at home. You don’t need to give up on the plans that truly excite you, just be self-disciplined.

Nothing is accomplished without putting a lot of work in, It takes effort to evaluate the structures in your life: Are your routines serving you well? How about that habit that’s not contributing to your wellness. It is a good year to change and lose that habit, get help if needed. Some decisions need to be made about physical appearance, an update to your wardrobe, or style. Don’t make too drastic a change, just one that will inspire feelings of confidence and excitement. You could connect with some new sources of income but remember that you might have to spend money to make money. Think it through; talk it through. Remember that decisions made now have a lasting effect so be intentional. Due diligence always pays off.

You may be feeling disconnected and out of touch with those who ought to be closest to you. A trip to a family home will help, also visiting a place of nostalgic meaning would reconnect you to your core identity and what motivates you. Be attentive to a caregiver or maternal figure who may need your assistance. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to speak up because others trust your opinion. You should also get a hobby, it may be something that you have abandoned, but don’t let it turn into a money-guzzling obsession.

In 2022, you may enjoy a rise in rank and status and you will feel on top of the world. Enjoy it because you’ve earned it via your hard work and dedication. But don’t let the fame get to your head. There are people in your life whom you place demands on and who may be feeling a little undervalued. Fix this by showing how much you care via a little token of affection or an overdue heart-to-heart conversation. Make changes for the better by being your best, most authentic self.

2022 is yours for the taking, you will do well, but in all, remember the place of family and fun. These movements mentioned above will occur in your life and affect your core in amazing ways that’s why you have to take your self-assessment seriously. Yes, there will be changes to some of your plans, but it will be worth it in the end, and if you follow the guidance given above, you will have your best year yet.

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