April 1st - 7th

Aquarius, change may be swirling around you now, but it holds promise and positivity within its currents. Your recent work evaluation sings your praises, setting the stage for a potential raise or promotion coming your way. Embrace the recognition and leadership responsibilities bestowed upon you, as others seek your guidance. However, to maintain your peak performance, carve out moments of solitude, considering a brief getaway for rejuvenation. Remember to nurture your physical and emotional well-being, confronting your worries with a blend of introspection and forward planning. Tangible rewards are within your grasp, fortifying your sense of personal power and prestige, but exercise caution with financial ventures – remain steadfast in your dedicated work ethic and steer clear of impulsive risks or quick fixes. Foster harmony within your home environment through a peaceful mind and spiritual pursuits, grounding yourself through meditation and new spiritual interests. Trust in your journey, Aquarius, for your future shines brightly with resilience and purpose.

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