career - September 25th - October 1st

Aquarius, you may experience sudden domestic troubles, perhaps due to a theft or accident, but don't fret as immediate redress is required. Fortunately, you possess strong charisma during this phase, allowing you to easily exert a powerful influence on those around you. Utilize this favorable time to network and make progress on your professional goals. Be open to new possibilities, as a side business venture or a way to monetize your hobbies may soon be revealed to you. Stay attentive and keep your ear to the ground, as interesting opportunities are bound to present themselves. Maintaining your sense of equilibrium is crucial now more than ever, so strive to strike a balance in all aspects of your life. It is wise to keep a low profile and avoid getting entangled in other people's problems. Choose your words carefully, particularly when delivering bad news or expressing an unpopular opinion. Focus on making your own goals a priority and initiating the necessary changes for long-term benefits. Remember that spiritual growth surpasses material gains, so consider getting involved in charity or community volunteering. Take time for restorative and productive moments of quietude.

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