love - June 5th - 11th

Aquarius, your focus this month is on family commitments and helping others. You may find yourself busy escorting a family member to medical appointments or addressing legal issues or mental health problems. Romance may take a backseat to these responsibilities, but it is important to be open and honest with your significant other. Admitting a mistake and working to move forward will strengthen your relationship. Your grandparents or other wise elders may offer insights as you examine your beliefs. Practice self-care by meditating, getting adequate sleep, and avoiding temptation that may cause problems in your romantic relationship. Your creative juices are flowing, so make the most of this momentum. Express yourself through art, poetry, music, or theater. Allow yourself some space to sort out your thoughts and reconnect with someone from your past if necessary. Don't get discouraged by initial failures as innovation requires transformation. Stay positive and you will find success. Remember to prioritize self-care for true mental productivity.

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