career - March 20th - 26th

A momentary setback may be weighing on you now. It may be necessary to trim back on expenditures at the present in our to keep your budget balanced. Consult with banking professionals or financial advisors to see what fixes they can offer. In the meantime, look for simple and inexpensive ways to increase your feelings of self worth. Try out a new look or hairstyle. Strike out on your own and give some long held plan a try. A change of scenery would do you a world of good right now.

Stick to your usual routine and maintain a cool detachment. Now might not be the right moment to commit to a serious long range plan. Instead, keep your work varied and interesting. You are inquisitive and ready to stick up conversations with coworkers. Making connections or engaging in some travel will help you immensely now. Multitasking, especially in regards to communication, may be unavoidable during this phase. Handle your stress, good or bad, by talking with or writing to others. Effective communication will help you on the business front and in family interactions as well.

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