August 8th - 14th

An important decision is necessary right now, perhaps one related to your physical or emotional health. Some weighty matter needs to be resolved. Avoid destructive ways of dealing with stress and instead turn to spiritual insights or guidance offered by elders. A recent purchase may result in you worrying over money. Try a change of scenery to improve your mood. Time alone may be in order now. First, have a needed heart to heart with your spouse or signficant other. Dwell less on the past and give more thought on your path forward.

You are focused on emotional interactions now. Passion, sex and intimacy are on your mind and in your heart. Personal relationship take center stage. You may be leaving friends or loved ones behind but a recent windfall of cash will make some new fun possible. You want to enjoy life to the fullest. Entertaining and bonding, with friends or in romantic interludes, will require some money but will satisfy your itch. Be around those who understand you and make you feel truly alive.

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