love - May 16th - 22nd

You feel burst with exciting ideas now, some intellectual and some of more of an amorous bent. Look for fresh outlets to express your creativity. Conversations and debate are stimulating for you in this phase. Be diplomatic as you work through family matters this week. Some new purchase or repair is needed so work to find the right course of action. Be caring and attentive, especially to a caregiver or elder. You may find now that the spiritual beliefs you cleaved to for so long no longer hold true for you. Be open to new religious and ideological insights that come your way.

You are feeling creative and confident this week. Imagination and romantic fantasies engage you. Ideas soar and you are able to express yourself with ease. Mentally you are on top of your game. Enjoy the sense of self confidence this brings. You will turn heads and be noticed, including by someone special who may now approach you. If you feel chemistry, make a move. Be crazy. Fall in love again. Surround yourself with like minded people and you will reap the benefits. Let someone special touch your soul.

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