September 13th - 19th

An accident or loss may be weighing on you now. Your concerns may feel like they are falling on deaf ears. Work to redress domestic troubles by avoiding self destructive temptations and being truly attentive in your relationships. Others are now drawn to your charisma and ready to follow your lead. Branch out and join a new group or club. This would put you in touch with some meaningful new contacts. Don't dwell overly much on setbacks from your past. Instead, look to the opportunities before you. Good fortune is yours for the taking.

Calm and self control bring untold benefits, both to you and your family environment. You will have some superb flashes of brilliance and intuition. In certain respects, it will seem that you just can't do any wrong. The impact of these successes is deeply felt in both your family life and personal relationships. Travel and technology are all favored now. Those in media related professions will do well, as will writers and scholars. To accomplish great things, you must not only act but also dream. Plan and believe.

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