career - May 10th - 16th

Contracts and legal agreements on repairs and construction dominate your time and attention now. You may find yourself called into meetings about worksite complications or new unexpected assignments. Make the most of the opportunities afforded to you, even unexpectedly. Helping out a family member, perhaps a maternal figure, may end up costing you more than you bargained. Do you best to keep the peace and make repairs after acquiring some additional know how. Read the fine print on any thing you buy to avoid a risky venture.

You are enjoying your own sense of creativity this week. You make gains on all fronts, personal and professional. Conversations with colleagues, co-borns, siblings or neighbours are intellectually fulfilling. Pitch an idea to the right person at the right time and watch the idea set in motion. You are feeling adventurous and outgoing. As you start on some fresh adventure, remember to bring closest friends and loved ones along. You have the strength of mind and character to go it alone but an adventure with someone special is far more meaningful. Dig deep and you will find all sort of inner resources within yourself this week. Enjoy the high you are presently on.

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