career - June 2023

Aquarius, get ready to feel playful and inspired this month! Compared to other months of the year, this is the time to tackle that creative project you have been putting off for just the right moment. If you find yourself suddenly willing to take risks and be more spontaneous, don't be surprised! After a time when you were very conservative, this new feeling of freedom may catch you off guard. However, do not let this carefree attitude make you feel like you are above the world, it is important to not take big risks just because you feel invincible! If you have been waiting to ask for a raise or invite a colleague to a dinner or event, now is the perfect time to make your move. There are so many wonderful things in life you could enjoy right now, all within your reach. Make sure you pay attention to your feelings, but don't let your confidence get the best of you. Even during this time of high spirits, you are not immune to making mistakes. Avoid any high-risk behaviors that you would normally avoid, and instead focus on the pleasures that are close to home and safe to enjoy. Plan good times with responsible people who can share in your positive energy. Remember, it's important to enjoy the moment, but also be mindful and stay grounded in reality!

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