Wednesday, August 10th

You may feel apart from others right now, as you may be struggling with a loss of some kind. Attention to your health may be required. Spend wisely right now, being careful to avoid fraudulent and unwise promises. Your dreams may offer promising visions. It might be worth writing them down. This is the perfect moment to get in touch with your inner self. Devote time to a social cause. Financial matters suddenly are not of interest to you. Avoid finalizing plans for a big project or proposal. Instead, give yourself more time to think it through. Contemplate fully and you will lay down the foundations of success now.

Something shall awaken/refresh your mind, enabling you to respond to a higher state of responsiveness. Intuition is at a high, and you are open to progress and improvement. You are magnetically attractive to others, and they recognize and accept your unique traits.

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