When in love, Aries is bold and loud about it. They are very loving with their significant other and enjoys showing them off wherever they go. Aries is also not afraid to do something risky in a relationship. Their fiery nature and zest for life makes them heaps of fun – you will never be bored in a relationship with an Aries.


Taurus is the kind of lover you can depend on. No matter the weather, they will always be there for their significant other when they are needed. Taurus is also a very stable partner and focuses on the future. They are happy to talk about things like marriage and kids with their partner. Taurus enjoys long-term relationships more than short flings.


When a Gemini is in love, they are very open and welcoming with their partners. They take a genuine interest in their lover’s hobbies and will even have a go at joining in themselves! Gemini can be a bit clingy at times – they will want to always be around you. This just shows how committed and loving they are when it comes to relationships.


When Cancer is in love, they treat their partners like absolute royalty. Cancer is genuinely caring and will look out for you at all times. If you’re feeling under the weather, they’ll bring you soup and make sure you’re taking the medication you need. Cancer also values spending quality time together. This means they’re always down to indulge in all your weird hobbies if it means spending more time with you!


Leo is a very sentimental lover. They remember all the special little moments and will surprise you by telling you things you had forgotten. No detail is too small for Leo. Leo is also incredibly creative. They will blow you away with some of the imaginative ideas they have. No matter what it is, Leo will put their own spin on it – there are no boring dates with a Leo.


Virgo values actions over words. Grand gestures of love and fancy restaurants just don’t suit them all too well. Virgo has a very specific way of showing love – this is through acts of service. When a Virgo is in love, they will try to be the most helpful partner. Taking the bins out or buying a practical gift are examples of how Virgo expresses their love.


When Libra is in love, their eyes are set solely on their partner. Libra is a very caring sign and will do anything to make their partners feel their best. They have a great way with words so always give the greatest compliments. Libra is also all about forming a sincere connection. They want to know every little thing about their partner.


Scorpio is very affectionate with their partner – they never shy away from some PDA. They are also very dominant in a relationship and are usually the one in charge. They like to pay for dates and surprise their lover with beautiful gifts. Scorpio enjoys taking care of their partner and will do anything to protect them. A Scorpio will stick by you through your toughest of times.


Sagittarius is very loving and gentle when in a relationship. They will try to protect their partner from any harm and will be completely honest with them at all times. Sagittarius is also an idealist and so is very optimistic. They’ll talk about their future with their significant other all the time. Sagittarius is also very defensive and will stand up for their lover when they’re not around.


Capricorn makes for a very committed partner. Once they are in a relationship, nothing can break their love for their significant other. Capricorn will often go out of their way to help their partners with their goals – their lover’s successes are now also their successes. This makes Capricorns incredibly genuine and supportive lovers.


When in love, Aquarius’ heart opens open up big time. They can’t hold back their feelings and feel compelled to tell their partner all about their emotions. This makes them very open and honest partners. You will always know where you stand when you are with an Aquarius. Aquarius is also very nurturing and never shoot down their partners ideas. Everything is possible to an Aquarius when they are in love!


In a relationship, Pisces is incredibly romantic. They love all the cheesy rom com stuff! Flowers, candle-lit dinners, walks on the beach… They are also very passionate and always give 110% to their relationships. Once committed, Pisces will do their best to make sure everything goes smoothly. They will make a lot of sacrifices to keep their partner happy!