August 1st - 7th

An injury or obstacle may cause delay to your travel plans. Be careful with valuables and belongings now in order to avoid being a victim or fraud or theft. An accident, perhaps impacting a neighbor or colleague, could impact you as they seek your assistance. At work, keep your nose down and continue to work hard, taking care to avoid gossip and alterations, especially among those who do not wish you well. Stick with your regular routine, do right by those who depend on your or are your subordinates. Your efforts are being assessed and you will in time yield the fruits of your labor.

You are weighing the pros and cons of every issue during this phase, ready to take into account others' needs as well as your own. Indecisiveness is possible this week, simply because you naturally entertain opposing viewpoints. You are ready to cooperate and communicate with others -- one on one connections make you the most comfort at the moment. Share your thoughts and your personal history. You are more diplomatic than usual. Leverage this talent to achieve success. At this time, it would be wise to remind you that individuals may win games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

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